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Keep up with the times! My drawings get better as they get newer


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1. Black Mite
Black Mite is a poor writer. He pours his time into his works, but he hasn't been able to publish much and his books don't sell. He keeps trying though, and his friends enjoy his funny and lighthearted-by-nature personality. He lives on the edge of Ponyville, constantly writing in his cottage.
2. Stainless Soul
Stainless Soul works as the pony version of a telemarketer. She goes door to door, leaving leaflets and offering deals to be found. Her overly cheerful personality fits her job, and she is probably the best salesman Ponyville has to offer. She shares a house with another family that quite enjoys her company, and she never fails to make everyone laugh. She is quite clumsy, but likeable and not attention-seeking.
3. Smart Strike
Smart Strike is a theif by definition. She flunked out of the Wonderbolts not because she couldn't fly well enough, but because she was always late for practice and such. Now she steals bits off po
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No specific thing I want here right now
Wanna keep this widget up but I have 0 time to mess with this right now lol


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Sometimes I have dead seasons, so thanks for thinkin of me ^^

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ReverendPhantom's Profile Picture
Hanna Moore
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

HELLO EVERYBODY THIS IS HASLOVER100 SPEAKING! I'm a drawing and digital art hobbyist, which means I typically WON'T pursue art as a career, it's more of just (obviously) a hobby! I'm also a youtuber hobbyist! Putting two and two together, like youtube and art, results in me making speedpaints for you all to watch (this feature has been revoked until I can make enough money to buy my Camtasia Studios back!). I also have spare time frequently, so please, feel free to ask me for VERY cheap drawings! No, really. I charge VERY little compared to other artists. But please, forgive me if I take a while to get something done. I have a LOT of other things to balance; my art career is high in my priorities, but it's NOT number one. Anyways, I've been dubbed (by myself, because I have no life) the Everything Artist, so if you want a commission, you should throw me your weirdest OCs. I have drawn species that I and the commissioner don't know the identity of. But I do commissions they are never closed, my prices are further down right above my to-do list. You should commissions me. Commission Precious! I'm a jack of all trades, but I do have stuff that I cover the most and therefore am better at. Ponies, humans, pokemon, cats, dragons, anthros, backgrounds, setting, painting, the list goes on! Live your dreams with me, I will endorse you!
Other things about me, hmmm. My favorite pokemon is Umbreon (and its shiny is even cooler, I love it to the point I have an OC of it) I like the show Danny Phantom and have lots of OCs there, I'm into MLP and also have lots of OCs there. I liek Gravity Falls a lot too, a lot of cartoons. I'm a cartoon enthusiast. But I also really like Doctor Who, I started Sherlock, love Back to the Future Trilogy, I like a LOT of stuff. But my all time favorite thing is probably How to Train Your Dragon. Completely obsessed. And it hurts because I can barely draw dragons. I like Disney Fairies. I don't care what anybody thinks about it anymore, I love fairytale stuff. I like Warriors. I can't stand horrific stuff, I just get a heart-wrenching feeling when I am watching that stuff so I don't do it at all. Comedies are my favorite. Don't know why they're considered a low form of entertainment, it's the best. But that's enough from me, I wanna know about you guys! I'm pretty nice once you get past the sometimes often complaining about everything. Come join the crew that is the rest of my watchers!

GROUPS that I do



(unlimited) Amy Walls- Whale Ponies

Language Level Stamps: Faeth-design
Floating Shiny Umbreon pixel: MissingFirefly
Sleeping Shiny Umbreon pixel: cloudylicious
(My OC) Shiny the Umbreon Scratch: Melodious-Mutt
(My OC) Phantom Claw Blinking Doll: SpacyGalaxy


Fanart Wake Me Up
you all should read that webtoon

total count of shading/highlighting layers: 9

:iconineonbeati: dont even know his name :D
okay i just got the first panel done and im gonna leak it right here but this is the only leak ill do enjoy it

Jared Burns Panel1-1 by ReverendPhantomi hope you're feeling that comedy vibe because that's supposed to be the secondary genre
Fact: since Ovinnik's humanoid form was scrapped (now he's just a black cat) I stole his hairstyle and gave it to Star Claw/Raiger. Although when designing their hair, I actually was thinking of Travis's hair

another fact: you all still don't know what Raiger looks like, or his sister. But they are embedded in my mind, and in two drawings. I'll get to showing you eventually haha
Okay I was already losing my mind when I randomly improved that Jared drawing but I didn't even put the first vs the latest next to each other and now I'm losing it again

Filename by ReverendPhantom
I somehow am able to control my muscle movement enough to sneak up on my cats and scare them while approaching in PLAIN SIGHT but I can't sneak up on my friends. So confus 
Main Fandom above all others: MLP, but that just means it's the one I'm most actively a part of. Doesn't make it my favorite.
Thoughts on Fancharacters: All of them. All the OC's.
Thoughts on CanonxOC: Please don't

Top Anime Series: Dragon Ball Z Kai

Top Cartoon Series: Danny Phantom, MLP, Dreamworks Dragons, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Rugrats, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Pokemon

Top Live Action: Doctor Who, Taxi, The Goldbergs

Top Movies: Back to the Future, How to Train Your Dragon, Big Hero 6, Kimba the White Lion

Top Books/Comics/Games: Warriors series, BTTF comics, mainstream Pokemon games

Other stuff that I like (in no particular order): Disney Fairies, Napoleon Dynamite, White Chicks, Little Man, Jim Bruer, Jim Gaffigan, Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin Hart, there's a LOT that should be here but I have memory loss so I don't remember any more than this stuff which is part of my everyday life

Seen it but not a fan at all: Poltergeist, Psycho, mainly a bunch of horror movies I've been forced to watch and I don't remember the names to. There was one where whenever different groups came together, they would all kill themselves. Horror movies make me really depressed and unhappy, it's not even about being scared

Not gonna tag anybody cuz that's annoying, you can do this if you want to. I was tagged by Prenn.



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